Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wake Up Call

Hello, everyone!!!

Alright. So this entry is going to jumbled. Frazzled. All over the place. Explosive. Exciting. Tantalizing. Refreshing. Eye opening. Basically, it will be like the taste of a Whatchamacallit. (One of my most favorite candy bars.)

For starters, I am going to be introducing a new section of my blog, appropriately entitled "Bachelor of the Week." Starting my first week in Spain, I will be posting a picture of a local hottie. I'd like to thank my good friend Dachelle for this GREAT idea. I feel that it will make this blog even more real. (Of course, I will be asking permission from the individuals photographed.)

I LOVE taking pictures, so my new-ish Canon SD940is is going to definitely come in handy for this task, as well as photography of my new home in general. I am pumped. I am scared. I am nervous.

Christmas has come and gone; a majority of my gifts are meant for travel, so I feel pretty well prepared for whatever the travel gods may throw my way. I have also taken this week to say my final goodbyes to some great people. This is my last week working at PharmaHealth until my eventual return to the Fairhaven area in July; it will be hard to punch out for the last time on Friday and not have these wonderful people along for my Spanish ride.

My BESTEST friend from Saint Michael's, Kate Condon, will be leaving for Ecuador in a few days to visit with the host family she stayed with during HER study abroad experience; and, seeing as I must be returning to Maine after this week, we had to say our goodbyes. It was difficult. We had a marvelous time at Borders, shopping for travel books (and this book about science and sex that I am PUMPED to read on the plane), and sitting down for a great cup of Seattle's Best coffee. We talked for hours, drove to Chipotle for a "snack" (which consisted of two full size chicken burritos, fully loaded, for each of us). We then proceeded to talk about love. Such a great discussion. And abroad. We talked about my ex, her exes, and her current relationship. Flawless.

A quick interjection with a GREAT QUOTE from Eat, Pray, Love (I'm almost finished with it!!!):
"One must always be prepared for riotous and endless waves of transformation" (75).

I totally feel this right now. COMPLETELY. I have changed so much, not only in the previous semester, but also in these final weeks of my stay in the United States. I have decided that, much to my friends' applause, I will NO LONGER be holding back in this blog. This is mine, damnit! I'm going to talk about the uncomfortable; I'm going to make you question your logic; and I may say some things that may be viewed as offensive.

***There is an X button on the internet for a reason.

This is the one and only time I will bring this up here at this juncture: relationships. Sometimes, people find themselves with someone who they think is right. They may even convince themselves that he or she is the "one." Or break up a few times and get back together, only to realize that the relationship just wasn't meant to work. Let us take a moment to think about all the assholes of our past; the narcissistic, self-righteous numbskulls who don't really understand what they are doing or what they actually have in front of them. Yes, if you can't tell, I am venting. And it feels so good. After talking to my recent ex, I learned a lot. I heard some things I was not expecting. More bluntly: I WAS COMPLETELY BLINDSIDED. My friends know the details; I cannot, and will not have them written here as a constant reminded. Needless to say, he is completely out of my life now. A huge weight has been lifted. I thought I would cry, but I laughed instead.

I laughed at many things. Namely, my stupidity and naivity. I forgot who I was for a while. What makes me smile, what makes my cry, what makes me me. I was so wrapped up in this relationship that I lost sight of what was important. This blog matters. As well as my future. And my upcoming flight to Barajas nest Thursday.

Look in the mirror. Smile. You are worthy of getting great things, and of being with someone who treats you the way any human being should be treated: with love, dignity, and respect. You deserve the truth and to not have things hidden under the carpet. You deserve to only want the best for yourself, while seeing that the person in front of you (who does treat you right) is what is right for you. Don't neglect the fabulous; discard the ignorant. There is my speil.


Anywho. Christmas time is over, and the NEW YEAR IS AROUND THE BEND! I am so excited. I get two fresh starts: abroad and 2011.

Life is good. Stay tuned.

This blog has only started to get good.

YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO (say it over and over. It helps!)

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