Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Alright, guys. The time is finally here. I'm leaving. TOMORROW.

I am, of course, a HUGE procrastinator and waited until today to pack. Fabulous, right? I do NOT recommend it. I spent hours rearranging clothes in Space Bags with my brother. I had to leave some of my most prized fashions behind in a box, but I smiled when I remembered that I can always buy something hot abroad.

Check out this pic:
(That's my brother, Nick, making a "yikes" face when looking at all of my stuff scattered all over our living room.)

Packing was much more difficult than I thought...I researched Rick Steves' website for pointers and attempted to follow along, but it was not as easy as it all sounded... (After all, would YOU want to leave behind your favorite striped designer button down, even if you were 1 lb overweight? I didn't think so...harder than it seems, right?)

Everything, and I mean everything, has been neatly packed away thanks to my mother, father, and brother. All clothing items were hand selected, the cream-of-the-crop, meant to walk the streets of Madrid and the world over. (Also to keep my body properly clothed while checking out the nightclub circuit.)

I'm finishing up my final goodbyes to my best friends, Brittany and Amanda, tomorrow. My good friend Danielle is already in the French Riviera (lucky bitch!!!) so I will hopefully be seeing her soon. Ellen is in Cork, as well as L-South. Good luck to all on their way (Erika) and those already present in Europe (as well as South Africa, Chelsey and Cara).

***Keep an eye out for the next blog, marking my arrival. It's finally here; the adventure is only just beginning. Madrid, here I come.


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