Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pre-Departure thoughts

Ok, so I'm finally back down in Fairhaven after a long fall semester and lengthy unpack. My car was PACKED with everything from my old room in Pontigny. It was sad to leave, yet exciting: a new adventure is about to take place!

Everything--and I mean everything--seems new since returning home. My siblings are more grown up, my brother is another year older, and my hometown looks a little different. I was transferred to another branch at the pharmacy I work at. I'm not even entirely sure as to what my new job is, but I will take it on the best way I know how tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to working these next two weeks. Extra spending money for travel is ALWAYS good.

I feel like I am ready to go, but the goodbyes are the hardest things for me to get used to. I was just in Holliston, MA, at one of the best Holiday parties I have ever attended. I got to spend the evening decorating the Christmas tree, setting up the food table, and uncorking various wines for the festivities of the evening. To make it even better, I was able to do all of this with my best friend, Kate, and her family. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up, but it was also quite sad upon realizing that I would not be as physically close as I am now.

My other close friends keep talking about having "final get togethers." The word "final" is daunting.

I finished up my pre-departure orientation items on the API website (thank GaGa) and it really started to hit me that this is real. I even teared up a little when I was researching the metro system and Lisbon, Portugal, where I will be spending some time on an API excursion. I received my Portuguese passport today (yes, I'm a DUAL CITIZEN) and its delivery really solidified the idea of departure.

It also makes me laugh a little that I will be Portuguese when I arrive. My primary passport will be my Portuguese one, as I do not need a visa since I am a citizen of the European Union. I plan on making a good number of color photocopies...I recently learned that it is NEVER a good idea to carry originals due to possible theft!

YOLO is my new mantra. (Thank you, Bridget.) I look forward to seizing the day and living in the moment during these pre-departure days. Whatever happens, happens.


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