Sunday, January 16, 2011

Es tuyo o suyo?

So today, I spent the day with Lauren. We went to Parque del Retiro for a hot minute, grabbed a bite at la Trattoria, I left my number on the receipt for the waiter at the restaurant, and we walked around. Everything was smoothly finished with a Dulce de Leche frozen concoction from Burger King. Fab day.

Hold up. Did I really just say I left my number for the stud waiter? Why yes, I did indeed. One great lesson I have learned thus far is to take life by the horns. Just do it. YOLO. Shit or get off the pot. Having missed out on a hunk last night, I figured this would be a great way to redeem myself. As we left the restaurant, the waiter ran outside. He followed us down c/ Hortaleza, screaming "ESPERA!" and then proceeded, in Spanish, to ask whose number it belonged to. I started laughing. Lauren turned to me and laughed, pointed at me and said, "Es de suyo." It was hard to tell if he was happy or could care less. Maybe he's hetero? (GREAT PRACTICE OF POSSESSION btw!!!)

Last night, I went to LongPlay with Tyler and ended up bumping into my friend Maya. I crashed at Tyler's place on Calle Mayor and she snuck me out of the house before her host mom would even notice. Perfection. And yet another story to remember and laugh about later. The grocery store down the road provided me with the nourishment I needed: un postre and a Coke. Fabulous.

Classes have also been going well. I have done more exploring, bumped into a great new Spanish hottie (perhaps he will find himself on the next edition of Bachelor of the Week if all goes well?), and have just laughed my ass off.

Right now, I'm exhausted. Taking the metro and causing mischief requires much sleeping and even more water consumption. The adventures are just beginning.

First full week in Madrid? GREAT SUCCESS


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