Friday, January 14, 2011

Bienvenidos a Madrid!!!


Sorry it has been so long! Adapting to my new surroundings has taken more time than I had anticipated, with jet lag being one of my main obstacles to overcome.

I have done SO MUCH since my last post: for starters, I made it out to the clubs my first weekend with friends, established a great relationship with the local bartenders, and have GREATLY improved my conversational Spanish.

I have learned the Metro system, allowing myself the ability to be bold enough to travel on it solo. I LOVE this city so much! Everything is so efficient, and its inhabitants are some of the happiest people I have seen in a long time. In the U.S., some people look at me and ask me how I can be so happy all the time. To which I reply, "Because I am ALIVE and it is so much better to laugh than to cry." Here, it doesn't seem to be a problem; its as if they saved space for one more smiling face--mine.

I have also started my classes at Complutense University. I LOVE the professors and have discovered that Spanish should have been my major, after all. I was placed in the C1 level...the only one after that is C2...I was extremely surprised at my level of Spanish comprehension and application. (Just another sign that I am meant to do something with Spanish in the near future!)

Speaking of, I signed up for a TEFL course so I can start making some money. The ironic thing about this is the day I lost my 10pass Metro card, I received this email about teaching English to the locals. Karma is most definitely on my side.


1. I miss my dog, Dutchess. SO CUTE

2. Mercado de la Reina. This was a trendy Tapas bar that I went to with my new friends Lauren and Sam. (Love them.) We all HAD to have cerveza, as this was the first time we could legally drink at a bar. The tapas were amazing. They ended up going back the next day because they loved it so much. The picture below showcases
the food. I realized after taking this that my camera takes phenomenal photos!

3. Room 424 at Hotel Regina. 4-star. Great atmosphere. Gorgeous rooms. Great place to party. JUST KIDDING! This was me and David's room; he is also my roommate on Calle Reina Mercedes 12.

4. That's me Friday night! I had just showered and gotten ready for our API dinner at a restaurant in las Puertas del Sol. Great food...I had had salad with walnuts and brie, roasted duck with a raspberry sauce, and a nice light dessert with mineral water. The food here, if you haven't already noticed your tongue watering, is AMAZING.


Me and my new friends! From left to right: Liz, Maya, Me, Lauren, and Sam. GREAT girls. Cannot wait to go to the clubs with them tonight! Lucky Liz will be in Barcelona though.

PS bachelor of the week starts NOW:
Two hotties me, Lauren, and Sam found our first day. Can anyone say, "Que SEXYYYY!"?!

YOLO, guys! Thanks for following...keep an eye out for the next post. From now on, they will be once a week on SUNDAYS. More will be posted as I see fit though. bs (besos)

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