Monday, December 20, 2010

Divine by Design

Alright. I'm trying to be proactive here and learn as much as I can about Madrid's culture before I depart. And brush up on some subjunctive. I've just been so fixated on learning as much as I can about the fashion and trends in Spain...

Here's a little known fact about me; I'm willing to share because I promised I'd bear it all on my blog. Once upon a time, I dabbled in the modeling and acting industry. I had a comp card, a portfolio, video clips of my performances...the works. Since my experience with modeling, I have had an undying desire to look good and stay up with the current trends. (The picture to the right is me looking mad fly with a cherry blossom and a tux, getting ready for the hilarious fashion show known as the JUNIOR SENIOR PROM! Oh, high school...)

H&M is most definitely one of my favorite stores; prices are PHENOMENAL and styles are always good. It is distinctly European, and many of the clothes have a great deal of small details, which I LOVE. (Right now, I'm trying to insert some images from some of my favorite designers and the H&M website...haha I'm still trying to figure that out.) In the meantime, here is a blast from the past:
That, right there, is one of my first pictures.

Anywho. I have this complex that I need to look flawless when I'm abroad. I don't want to look American at all. I've started researching Antonio Miro, a notable fashion designer from Spain, and I must say...I REALLY WANT TO BUY HIS CLOTHES. If only I had more money...(If I did, I would buy a bajillion pairs of Italian leather shoes to match my stylish designer bod.)

After more research, it appears that I have MISSED the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Gahhh. Here's a GREAT look I found, coming from the Spanish designer, Adolfo Dominguez:

<----Can I just say how much I LOVE the blue? The detail on the shirt is great, and I can totally see myself rocking the pants and suede shoes. Also mention the different sleeves...this would be a GREAT conversation piece at a Spanish fiesta or discoteca...

So my idea when I arrive is to immerse myself as much as possible. I want to learn the language, culture, and of course, fashion. To do this, I came up with a plan. I'll start by making a really strong connection with my host family. I'm signing up for a language exchange partner tonight as well...I am pumped! My time there is meant to be spent LIVING the "Madrileno" lifestyle (I meant to have a tilde over the n to sound like "MAH-DRIL-ENYO")

I am also working on finishing Eat, Pray, Love in preparation for my journey. I picked up the newest issue of Oprah magazine, as the title story is "What's your next chapter?" I think I'm going to start reading it now. Keep an eye out for my next post!


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